Minnesota-based residential design firm that focuses on ecologically responsible and purpose driven design


TMBRZ is a Minnesota-based residential design firm that focuses on ecologically responsible and purpose driven design. We strive for creating sustainable homes that are beautiful, functional, efficient, and lifestyle focused. TMBRZ's body of work covers a broad range of design and consultation services, from kitchen remodels to porch additions to new homes.

TMBRZ was started in 2012 by designer Adam Rasmussen. With a degree in Architecture from the University of Minnesota and his love of DIY and construction, Adam sought out designing green, modern spaces. He believes simple is beautiful, and everyone deserves a well built, thoughtfully designed home.

Adam's love for design and construction started at an early age. With scrap wood from a fence company and nails they biked miles to get at the local hardware store, Adam and friends in the neighborhood constructed a fort with a three-story tower and bunks that slept four. The fort was filled with trap doors, a sort-of working toilet, and secret passageways; any childhood boy's dream.

Adam took a drafting class in middle school, but didn't like the monotony of creating technical drawings with a T-square and scale, but it sparked an interest. In high school, he explored Architecture further with a class that focused on design and documentation. This is when Adam knew he wanted a future in Architecture.

Adam spent four years at the University of Minnesota studying Architecture and design. For his final year, he studied cabin design under Dale Mulfinger. This was where Adam fell in love with unique homes and untraditional construction methods.

Since college, Adam has worked at numerous architecture firms. Doing both commercial and residential projects. In 2012, Adam left the day to day working world to start a new adventure, TMBRZ!

Adam Rasmussen

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 I look forward to designing with each of my clients. A home is a very personal space and being a part of the design involves getting to know the family on a whole other level. This is what I love about designing homes, and I look forward to crafting yours!

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