A tiny house with an appealing exterior and spacious floor plan.

The opposing roof lines, recessed entry, and contrasting siding crafts a unique façade. The slanted front and back walls stretch the form outward and provide additional space in the sleeping lofts.

On the inside, the light walls, colorful cabinets, cork flooring, and touches of finished plywood give it a clean, contemporary feel. The large kitchen window and numerous other windows frame the surroundings and allow for an abundance of natural light. Carefully placed cabinets create an open and airy space, while providing plenty of storage.

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Do you offer plan modifications or custom designs? Yes! TMBRZ is a full service design studio. So, we can modify any plan we offer or create a tiny house from scratch that fits your specific needs. Please contact us if interested.

What is the size of the construction documents? The full plans consist of 15, 24x36 sheets. The basic plans consist of 9 sheets.

What is the square footage of the tiny house? The total livable square footage is 243 sq. ft. The main level is 172, sleeping loft is 45, and the storage loft is 26.

What are the overall dimensions? The overall dimensions are 8'-6" wide by 21'-6" long by 13'-6" high.

What are the clearances in the lofted areas? The height in the main sleeping loft slopes from 3'-4" to 2'-7" and the storage loft slopes for 3'-3" to 2'-6".

Was this designed for a specific trailer? Yes! This was design for Iron Eagle's 20 Foot PAD Trailer. The construction document includes trailer dimensions so you can compare or modify to your trailer's exact dimensions. Iron Eagle is constantly enhancing their tiny house trailers, so it is best to check and make sure the trailer in the plans matches the trailer Iron Eagle is currently manufacturing.

How many does it sleep? There are two lofted areas that can be used for sleeping, one in the front and one in the back. The main loft in the front fits a queen bed and the loft in the back will fit a twin bed.

Do you offer returns? Sorry we do not. Due to the nature of digital media we do not offer returns or money back. Please make sure you read through the 'what's included' section on each product page prior to purchasing.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with additional questions.