Full Service Design

At TMBRZ, we are capable of handling any size project from conceptualization, to design, through construction. We will work with you and your budget to design your dream home, or an addition to your current home, or even a Tiny House. We work with you to provide design and construction documents, custom tailored to your project's size and requirements.

The Process

We always start out with an initial meeting to discuss your needs, budget and anything else you think will help us design your dream home. We send you home with a questionnaire to fill out to help you describe your perfect home.

Once we have gathered enough information and we think we have a good grasp on exactly what you want, we take some time (depending on the size of the project, but its usually a couple weeks to a month) to produce a preliminary design. When we are finished, we send you the initial design so you have time to digest the floor plans and renderings before we meet again to go over your thoughts and any modifications you might want.

From here we keep refining the design. Sending you the changes, discussing changes and making modifications, until you are absolutely in love with the design. 

Once you approve the final design, we start work on the construction document. Working towards getting your project permitted and approved by the city. Throughout this process we will be working with you to find the perfect construction team for your project or if you know of someone or want to DIY even better, but we are here to help so you get the best looking and well constructed home.

After the permits are in hand, the construction begins. From here, we help maintain the design throughout the construction process. Answering any questions from the builder and working through any challenges or changes needed during the construction. We will be meeting with the numerous contractors to make sure they understand the design and so they know we are here to answer their questions.


At TMBRZ we try and maintain a no surprises fee structure, so we charge base off your needs by offering different packages of service. The packages range from basic to complete. A basic package would includes just the initial design and visualizations. Where as the complete package would cover everything. From the design, structural engineering, interior design, construction documents, to the construction administration.

Please call us to discuss the packages we offer. We will work with you to develop the perfect package for you and your project.