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What's Included:

Construction Documents:

Build Sequence Diagrams - 3D views showing an overview of the construction process. Showing from the bare trailer, to the finished exterior.

Trailer Plan - A plan showing the dimensions of the trailer used for the tiny house. This can be used to compare trailer dimensions if not using Iron Eagle's 20 Foot PAD Trailer.

Floor Framing Plan - A plan dimensioning the floor framing that fits into the specified trailer and notes the materials used.

Floor Plans - Floor plans for both the main level and loft with construction notes, dimensions for the exterior and interior walls, and window and door rough openings.

Door and Window Schedule - A schedule calling out the manufacture, model number, type of windows or doors, rough opening dimensions, and interior and exterior finish.

Exterior Framing Diagrams - Dimensioned views of all exterior framing showing stud placement and window and door rough openings. Notes calling out header and framing sizes.

Roof Framing Plan - A plan view of the roof framing with dimensions and construction notes. The plan shows roof overhangs, roof saddle dimensions, and materials.

Roof Plan - A plan showing the roofing materials, the roof slope, and roof flashing locations.

Ceiling Plan - A reflected ceiling plan showing the ceiling finish and light locations.

Exterior Elevations - Exterior elevations of all 4 sides of the tiny house calling out exterior finishes.


Building Sections - Two building sections calling out roof, soffit & fascia, wall, and floor constructions. Dimensions showing the overall height and width of the tiny house as well as the height of the loft framing.

Exterior Details - Noted and dimensioned details for the bump-out roof, trailer connections, eave and rake, valley beam, and the wheel well framing.

Interior Elevations - Interior elevations showing each interior wall of the tiny house. Calling out the size and location of cabinets, appliances locations, and interior finishes.

Fixture Plan - A plan showing and calling out cabinet and appliance locations.

Interior Details - Dimensioned and noted details for the custom railing, eatery cabinet, and custom bench.

Mechanical & Electrical Plan - Floor plans for both the main level and loft; showing light fixture, switch, and outlet locations. Notes calling out mechanical equipment, plumbing, and propane locations.

3D Views - The construction plans include numerous 3D renderings of both the interior and exterior of the tiny house and color drawings for ease of understanding.

Material List

An Excel document listing the main building material of the tiny house. It includes the materials, quantities, and a calculated total pricing column to assist you in achieving an accurate estimate of material cost.